Questions and Answers

Q: Where is Strada Personal Spa located?

A: We are located in the heart of Osborne Village on the corner of Osborne and Stradbrook Avenue. Our spa is in a strip mall and the address is 445 Stradbrook Avenue.

Q: How do I make a reservation for a spa service or spa package?

A: Strada Customers may make appontments by phone at (204) 953-3620 or by booking online at

Q: Do you have parking facilities?

A: For customer convenience, there are two parking lots -- a main parking lot directly in front of Strada Personal Spa and a second parking lot directly behind the Academy Restaurant. Strada Personal Spa customers may park in either of these parking lots for free.

Q: Do you take walk-in customers?
A: Yes, we welcome walk-in's at Strada Personal Spa. However, please keep in mind we book most of our services and it will depend upon availability on the day you come in.

Q: What do I wear for my spa service?
A: Please dress comfortably and leave your jewelry at home. We may be asking you to change into a spa robe or spa wrap for some of your services. When having a pedicure, wear pants that will roll up above your knees. For full body massages, briefs are to be worn during the massage.

Q: What are "Luxury" Pedicures and "Luxury" Manicures ?
A: In 2001, Strada Personal Spa implenented their services with a "Luxury" category for their manicures and pedicures. Clients are given the option of having their pedicures with or without massage based on personal preference, price point, and amount of time they have available. The "Luxury" manicures and pedicures include the arm/leg massage. For a Luxury Pedicure you will receive a foot and leg massage (upto the knees) and for a Luxury Manicure you will receive a hand and arm massage (upto the elbows).

Q: Do you accept direct billing for your massages?
A: No, our massages are performed by licensed estheticians and therefore may not be claimed on insurance. Our estheticians are trained to do Relaxation Massage using Swedish Massage Techniques. This type of massage is meant for stress relief and relaxation and is not meant to treat a physical ailment. Relaxation Massage is still one of the most popular forms of massage.

Q: How do I follow you on Facebook and Twitter?
A: Heres how Facebook and Twitter users can follow Strada Personal Spa:

Facebook: go to and click on the Like button at the top of the page.

Twitter: go to and click the Follow button on the top left hand side of the page.